4 Biggest Lies Freelance Writers Need to be Aware of When Dealing with Clients

27/09/2016 10 comments

Freelance writers always need to be aware of who they are working with. So much in freelancing revolves around promises. Some freelancer may promise to do the job in a day, even though it would probably take three days. Or the client could promise the freelancer a good feedback if he does the job satisfactorily. But most such promises are actually harmless and will benefit you if fulfilled.

However, there are those promises that the client will try to serve to freelance writers, without actually meaning to make good on them. Here are four biggest lies clients tell freelance writers.  Make sure you are aware of when them dealing with clients:

Promising Freelance Writers Better Payment Next Time if They Like Their Work

This is one of the most common things clients tell freelance writers and is where many novice freelancer get suckered in working for a cheap client. After all, who is to say that you’ll work with that client ever again? There’s nothing stopping him from paying what he must then and turning his back on you, looking for another naïve freelancer and do the same thing to him as well.

Or, the client can, regardless of the actual quality of your work, say that he didn’t like it (that’s his right), pay you what you agreed and disappear. That way, you still win, but have to find a new client.

The bottom line is: don’t believe this promise unless there is something to substantiate it. If the client offers a better pay in the future, be sure to insist to know when and for which job he’ll pay more. For instance, you can first to a smaller job for a reduced fee (sort of like a test) and agree to a larger pay afterwards. That’s how no one will really be at a loss.

Promising Freelance Writers a Good Feedback or Exposure

Look, feedback is important on Upwork. It’s how new clients know what your previous employers think of your work. But it’s not the main reason you’ve became a freelancer. Nor is it for exposure.

That’s why this is one of the biggest deceptions clients tell freelancers and one that new freelance writers need to be aware of.

So, why did you start freelancing? Oh wait, that’s right! Money. So, next time a client starts promising you feedback or exposure over money, kindly remind him that those are not real currencies, recognised in any country on Earth and ask him how much $ is he willing to pay for this job.

Promising Freelance Writers More Work in the Future

Granted, this may actually be true, but often clients tell freelance writers this without really meaning it. You should be very cautious when dealing with someone who makes a promise like this. More likely than not, the client just wants to lower your fee and won’t work with you once the job is completed.

If the client offers you this, be sure to ask about what type of project he is planning next and how much is he willing to pay for it. If he doesn’t give you this information, know that he is only trying to lower your price for this job. This will likely be a one-and-done.

Promising Freelance Writers that They’ll Make the Milestone Later

Another red light when it comes to new clients should be when they promise you to make the milestone later. Don’t start working on a project until you see a milestone for it (unless, of course, you are doing an hourly job).

Upwork doesn’t guarantee payment for fixed jobs and having a milestone is one of the only real safeties you’ll get, so don’t neglect asking about it.

The only time it’s okay to start working on a fixed project without a milestone first in place is if you’ve been working with that client on a couple of jobs already and you’ve built a rapport. If you’re working with a new client, for the first time, insist on one before starting first.

Have you ever been duped with one of these promises? What other false assurances clients tell freelance writers that you know of? Tell us about your experience and how you deal with such clients now in the comments below the article.