Why Having a Freelance Contract is a Great Business Idea

14/12/2016 7 comments

A lot of new freelancers might not think so but having a freelance contract is vital. In fact, this is crucial for both freelancer and the client as it can legally protect both parties. But, of course, there are more reasons to get a contract as either a writer, developer or any other type of freelancer , so read this article to find what those are.

Freelancing provides a lot of benefits if you ever choose to follow that path. As a freelance writer, for example, you can:

  • Balance your work and personal life better
  • Have more autonomy and say about what you’re going to write about and who you’ll write it for
  • Write from any place you want (you don’t have to work from an office)
  • Choose your own time to work (but you still have to work if you want to get paid).

Being a Freelancer is Not Always Easy (Okay it Rarely is)

But being a freelance writer is not all peaches and cream. It also comes with a set of caveats that you have to be ready for. As a full-time, or even a part-time employee, it’s much less likely your employer will “forget to pay you”. You’re also probably better off having a steady, 9-to-5 job if maintaining a work discipline is hard for you.

As a freelancer, you’re on your own. You not only have to do your work and write an engaging blog post, a converting sales copy or design a new website, but you also have to do all the research for it yourself, edit, proofread and then do all  that again if the client is not satisfied.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. you also have to be your own accountant, lawyer, manager, insurance officer and a lot more. As a freelancer, you truly have to wear many hats.

All that said, if you’re worked as a freelance writer even for only a short time, you’ve likely already faced some of the disadvantages of freelancing. If you haven’t you’re incredibly lucky and I hope your luck lasts. But for those that have and don’t want it to happen again, I have a very simple solution:

Never work without a freelance contract.

Why do You Need a Freelance Contract?

I know what you’re thinking. You don’t need a freelance contract. Contracts are only for businesses. Okay, let me stop you there. You are a business. You provide a certain service to a client. That client should pay for your service, don’t you agree? How are you going to make sure they do that? By relying on their honesty? It won’t always work.

Here are five reasons why you should have a freelance contract for every project you do:


It’s best not to rely on someone’s honesty or word. Especially if you don’t know anything about them. As a freelancer, you’re always under a risk to get cheated for your work. Trust me, people will try to do that to you, especially on platforms where less experienced freelancers, like Upwork come to find jobs.

But even Upwork offers some kind of protection for freelancers working there. For instance, you are guaranteed payment on hourly contracts and you can see if the client has verified his payment system or not (word of caution, do not work with those that haven’t). However, once you choose to no longer work on Upwork, there’s no one to have your back so you should take all measures of precaution to protect yourself.

Final Thoughts

That’s where a freelance contract comes in. It’s a must if you’re a freelance writer. And don’t worry if you don’t have any legal training. You can get an online contract for freelance writing (and other kind of projects) at sites like Rocket Lawyer and use them in any court if you have any problems with your client.

Are you working with or without a freelance contract? Tell me in the comments below if you think it’s necessary or not.