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Welcome to my blog! I wrote my first piece of content back in 2011 and have since had the pleasure to work with many great clients in a wide variety of fields from IT to Real Estate to eCommerce and more. Since 2011, my content was featured on websites such as Cloudwards, Real Estate 101, It’s a Rand Paul World, BJJ-USA, Rainmakers.co and many more and I think I played at least a small part in building their reputation and the trust their readers and customers today have in them.Feel free to browse my blog as much as you want, comment on my posts and share if you like anything. You can email me at covic.v1ad@gmail.com or contact me via LinkedIn.

Are you looking for someone with a long and proven record of producing high quality content to help you increase traffic to your blog and secure more customers? You are? Great! You’re in the right place. I’ve already helped, or am helping sites such as CloudwardsPurchase Order PlusReal Estate 101 and many others boost their traffic and get new customers.My work has also been featured on Cloud TweaksVPN CreativeEmpire CapitolIt’s a Paul World and other websites. In total, I’ve created more than 300 posts for for more than 30 blogs in different niches. Ready to skyrocket your traffic? Let’s get in touch.