Freelancer or Agency? Which One is the Better Choice for Your Company?

28/02/2017 6 comments

One of the first and biggest decisions you as a client have to make when starting a new project is whom you should outsource it to – a freelancer or agency? On one hand, hiring a freelancer will cost you less, but there is more to a successful project than simply cost. In this post I will try to explain the advantages and disadvantages of hiring both freelancers and agencies and hopefully, by the end, you’ll have a better view as to what best suits your needs.

 Freelancer or Agency? The Advantages of Hiring an Agency?

If you decide to hire an agency, you will be hiring an entire team that can help you with content, design, development and marketing. Whereas, when you hire a freelancer, you will have to hire an individual one to handle writing, editing, web design and all other aspects of your project. In other words, hiring an agency will allow all these to mesh better and thus create a more consistent end result.

Another reason why hiring an agency is a better choice is the ongoing support you will get. The more complex the project, the more nuances it has, the less a freelancer will be able to help you with it. As most agencies offer marketing, analytic and SEO support, they can help your big projects run more smoothly in the future.

Freelancer or Agency? When You Should Choose a Freelancer?

Not all project require a team to work on it. For smaller projects, hiring a single freelancer might be a better choice. This especially goes for project that require only writing services for example. If you only need a content writer, there’s no need to go through an agency when you can easily hire a freelancer.

Hiring a freelancer can also be less expensive than hiring an agency. Again, for smaller projects, or in situations when the client has to consider the costs, this can be a big factor. However, it shouldn’t be the deciding one. There’s a fine line between a “cheap” freelancer and a “cost-effective” one. For example, many freelancers writers on Upwork offer their services dirt-cheap, but in the end don’t provide satisfactory results. In the end, their clients have to look for someone to correct their mistakes. This means spending more time looking for a freelancer and paying more money.

While not a rule, a good freelancer will also work faster than an agency, as they are not shackled by agency procedures and who reports to who. Again, there are many agencies that run like a well-oiled machine and deliver A+ results quickly as well as freelancers that procrastinate, so take this with a pinch of salt.

Who is More Professional, Freelancer or Agency?

Finally, I wanted to discuss one more thing – who is more professional? A freelancer or agency? There’s really no rule and clients should carefully evaluate and interview both when making a decision as to who to hire. Many freelancers promise big results, but then either disappear or procrastinate to no end. At the same time, an agency can sometimes be too slow in delivering the product or may be in the middle of an internal shake up, leaving your project unfinished.

Of course, to keep yourself safe, whether you are hiring a freelancer or agency, always make a contract. This should provide legal protection for both of you, set the paying terms and when the project should be completed and delivered, among other things.

Who do you think is the better choice to hire and why? Freelancer or agency? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to share the post if you liked it.