7 SEO Tips all Content Writers Should Keep in Mind

18/09/2018 1 comments

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The information world is as fierce as it can get. Things today are extremely competitive and ever-evolving. Be it the digital space or the corporate world, everyone is trying hard to be noticed.

Same is the case with us content writers. The digital world; our playground makes for a very crowded place today. There are probably some millions of blogs that get written and published every day. A thousand of them are doing the exact same thing as you, writing about the same genre as you. They all intended their content at the same targeted audience. They all want to be ranked higher on search engines. This makes for a big chunk of every successful content strategy.

What do you think will differentiate you from the other content writers out there? Thanks to the web and competition, most content writers write great informational pieces for their audience. Great content certainly makes for the first priority for any piece but the second most important it is to be found. No matter how great a piece is, it is useless if the right audience doesn’t find it at the right time. It’s like baking the best Choco chip cookies in town but not being able to share them with others.

Being SEO smart along with a great writer is what it takes to be noticed by Search engines and audiences today. Are you willing to do that for yourself? Well, you must, if you want to be successful.

Friends and colleagues imagine our jobs to be extremely calming and creative. You and I both know how far it is from the truth. A writer’s job isn’t just about creative writing anymore; it includes a couple of technical myths too. You could be writing a narrative blog or a technical blog, it is important to take care of the tags and categories you are aiming for. You keep track of topics your audiences are interested in, you run tests to check the results. As a writer, you are also trying to reach out to editors who might be interested in publishing your content. It’s a lot to work with. However, being SEO friendly tops the list if you want to leverage your chances as someone unique and smart.

Here are 7 SEO tips all content writers should keep in mind:

1. Ask what You Expect out of Your Content-

Creating content just for the heck of it, won’t solve anyone’s purpose. It is a nuisance for you and the reader spending time on it. Have a clear idea of what you intend out of your content. It should solve a purpose. We either want to be ranked high or want to attract new readers to our website. Knowing your expectations will help you structure your content better.

2. Include Facts and Figures from Reliable Sources-

By including quotations and facts from established sites, you look more credible. It makes the reader see the research you have done. It also talks highly of your understanding and expertise in the genre you are discussing. Google uses this information to gauge how credible your content is. This also encourages search algorithms to understand relations between topics and web entities.

3. Ensure You have Multiple Keywords to Work with-

You must be aware of the buzz around keywords lately. However, things have changed since then and for the good. Gone are the days when including a keyword multiple times in your content would have pleased Google. Not only was it making the content look clumsy but also made lesser sense into including something out of context.

However, including multiple keywords, both primary and secondary keywords would improve your chances. Most content writers make use of one primary keyword, by habit. Chose and focus on multiple keywords on your topic. This will encourage your content to rank on multiple searches and drive more traffic.

It’s also important to keep in notice where you are placing your strategic keywords. The best practices suggest having your keywords focused on the Title, headers, descriptions etc.

4. Do Not Take Your Readability for Granted-

Most content writers assume that just good informational type content is what it takes to rank. This is far from the reality. The great content is useless if the intended audience finds it hard to read. Going back to the Choco chip cookies example, it’s like making cookies that don’t look very pleasing to be consumed. How readable your content is directly related to reader engagement metrics. These are the same metrics that Google and other popular search engines look for when ranking pages. These guidelines have made it important to focus more on the experience you create for your reader.

You and I both write content, keeping our readers in mind. We both know, how important it is to understand the target audience in order to cater to them better. We all aim for our reader’s trust and engagement from content. There are certain things we should avoid while writing content, they are:

  • Avoid writing long sentences paragraphs.
  • Ensure your content is readable for a skim reader. Not all your readers have the time to complete a blog’s every word.
  • Don’t take white spaces, headers and texts for granted.
  • Though unintentional, we have grammatical errors and wrong phrasing too.
  • Make use of active voice and avoid jargons.

5. Understand what is LSI & TF-IDF-

Like everything else around us, Google is becoming faster and smarter too. Its efficiency of processing and matching a reader’s query has become more précised. Ever wondered how it does that? It uses a process called the Latent Semantic Indexing, that tells search engines how to understand a word and the related words/phrases. A simple example would be how Apple and Crumble Cake are related. This has made it important for content writers to include more related words in your content.

Some tips would be:

  • Mention popular names, brands or companies that already rank high, within your content.
  • You can make use of similar meaning words or synonyms. But remember to keep it natural, so that they merge well with your content.
  • A very smart way is including terms or jargons your competitors are using and already ranking for. That is called TF-IDF.

6. Did You Know You can Format Your Content to be Featured in Googles Answer Box?

You see those snippets that come when you ask a query on Google? The content writer designs it to appear like that. It is precise and answers the query, while still maintaining a mystery. You can also optimize your content for Google’s featured snippet box. Including parts within your content that can be answers to popular queries is a smart way of doing it. Google checks that your content is well formatted and is eligible to answer query based searches. Always ensure that your answer is crisp and direct and easy to be located by the reader.

7. Pay Attention to Title Tag, Meta description, Alt Tag and Headers-

Title Tag is the first thing that the reader sees in his organic search. This is why it’s important to make it impressionable for the reader. Include the right keywords and frame a title that would convince the reader to go in deeper. Search engines match your title with what readers are looking for. This makes it all the more important to keep it simple and to-the-point.

Even though meta description directly doesn’t contribute to SEO, they can play a big role. This is what gives the trailer or preview of what your content is about. It’s smart to keep it precise and mysterious enough for the reader to click on. Include keywords and ensure you don’t have sloppy spelling mistakes.

The Alt Tags tell the search engines what your images are about. This is why it’s wise to include keywords and text that describes the image.


Staying alert is what it takes to be the best in today’s scenario. There are new tools and software’s that keep coming up to make our lives easier as content creators.  I will look forward to coming across some of your content on the web.

Tell me in the comments section below about your personal favorite SEO tips.