6 Simple Things You Need to do to Make an Attractive Blog

13/11/2016 8 comments

Are you getting the traffic you think you should with your blog? Or are you, despite all the effort and time spent on each blog post, still find that almost no one reads your blog? Don’t give up on it yet! Probably, you are just missing some key ingredients that can make an attractive blog to readers.

Here are 6 really easy ways to make an attractive blog to your audience:

1. Write a Good Headline

8 out of 10 people won't think you have an attractive blog based on the headline

8 out of 10 visitors will read the headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the article itself. This is why you need to spend a good amount of time writing the headline itself if you want to ensure your  blog is more attractive than the rest and draw readers.

Without writing a great title, or headline, it’s very unlikely that visitors will even look at the rest of your content. It’s the first thing they will see and the reason they will read your post or skip it.

For a title to be good, it needs to have several things:

  1. Be relevant to your target audience. The post and the its title need to be about something that interested them.
  2. Relevant to the content below it. Never mislead your audience with your title. By looking at it, they will expect the rest of the content to be about the same thing as the title.
  3. Contain an adjective. Think “6 Ways to Make a Good Blog” vs “6 Simple Things You Need to do to Make an Attractive Blog”. A simple adjective can make a blog title look much better.
  4. Use numbers. This can work in two ways. Either you can make a “list” post on, for example, “5 Freelancing Habits You Should Have“, or you can incorporate some statistics in your headline and say something like “80% of Users Don’t Read Further than Your Headline”
  5. Ask a question. A good title asks the question that sits atop the reader’s mind. Content answers it.

There’s a lot more to talk about headlines, so I’ll delve deeper into it in a separate article some other time. For now, check out this handy headline analyzer by CoSchedule. It’s a real life saver.

2. Great Content Helps Make an Attractive Blog

Good content = attractive blog

Beauty, many say, is in the eye of the beholder. Here’s what this means for your content:

No one wants to read a block of text, no matter how good the information in it is. Separate your text at strategic places using subheadings to make it easier for readers to skim through your blog post if they don’t have enough time to read all of it (or if they want to return to a specific portion of it).

Also, make sure your content is neatly separated into paragraphs. These shouldn’t be longer than 3-5 rows. Anything above five rows is too much so if you have one long paragraph, it’s usually better to make two out of it. Likewise, stay away from too short paragraphs (1-2 rows), although they can sometimes work if you are asking a powerful question for example.

Don’t forget to decorate your content with bullet points or a numbered list. These are very useful for giving the reader a quick insight into what it’s all about without reading the entirety of the text.

Of course, your content must be quality written. The information inside must be accurate and useful to the reader and also correspond to the main headline. Do not try to deceive the reader! And by all that is high and mighty, do proofread your text for grammar and sentence mistakes. Use Readability Score or similar text scoring tool.

3. Decorate Your Blog with Images and Infographics

Images and infographics are a powerful tool you should be using often. After all, it is not without reason that it is said that a “good image is worth a thousand words”. And for a good infographic, it’s probably even more.

The images you are using, of course, must relate to the text you have written, so take care what you’ll put in you blog. Also, do mind the contributions if you are using someone else’s images. Don’t just take someone’s photo from the Internet and stick it to your blog without giving the artist proper credit. That is stealing other’s work.

There are a lot of places you can find really good images and some sites even offer stock images for free (although they mostly require you to credit the photographer). Check out sites like Pixabay or Unsplash for a great selection of free stock images about everything from cute puppies to racing cars and more.

Stock images, however, should only be your stepping stone. For the really good ones, you’ll have to pay something. As soon as you have the budget for it, start using images and infographics from websites such as iStock and GettyImages as these will allow you to make an attractive blog for anyone who visits it.

4. Don’t Lose Focus

Too often I see blogs jumping from one point to another. It’s nice that you have several interests, but you can’t make your blog about Liverpool FC, PC Gaming and Web Design at the same time. You’ll just be creating a mush that no one will really be interested in following.

Even some individual topics are too wide to make an attractive blog about them. Take football as an example. Some people prefer national competitions like the World Cup, others are more immersed into club competitions such as the Premier League and everyone who follows it has its own favorite club.

You should also focus not on what your target audience is interested in. Pick a specific group and target your content at them. This blog, for example, focuses on new freelancers, particularly on writers. Yours can focus on a completely different group. There is certainly no shortage, you just have to identify your audience. If you can do this, you will undoubtedly make an attractive blog to your readers.

5. Be a Conversationalist

We already went through this, but it deserves repeating one more time. Aim to struck a conversation with the reader by using “you” in your articles. This will make your content more personal, readers will be able to better relate and ultimately – your will make an attractive blog.

You won’t always be able to do this, but whenever you can, speak directly to the reader, especially if you are writing a sales page. Make an attractive blog by turning a one-on-one conversation instead of a one-to-many.

6. Be Unique

With so many blogs out there, it is difficult to have 100% original content. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim to be different and unique. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it if you aim to make an attractive blog

Add your own spin to the topic you are writing about. Tell the story from your perspective and aim to stick from the crowd. Don’t just copy other people’s work, but add your own insights, information and spin to it.  In other words, don’t be afraid to dress up your content differently. You can be serious, funny, informative, even controversial, the choice is yours.


Finally, don’t forget that many people only scan your blog, not read it. Make it snappy and easy to digest. Readers should be able to easily find what they are interested about in your blog without having to go through all of it.

Let’s hear it from you now. What do you do to make an attractive blog for your visitors? Don’t forget to leave a comment below the post, like it and follow my blog.