5 Best (Mostly Free) Portfolio Websites for Freelance Writers

26/08/2017 8 comments

As a freelance writer you need to be able to showcase your work in an organized fashion to potential clients. Don’t expect them to look for your work all over the Internet. Because they won’t bother. What you should do instead is build your own portfolio and allow clients to see your work in an organized fashion. Luckily, there are a number of portfolio websites where freelancers can show off.

Here are five best freelance websites you should check out if you’re a freelance writer:

1. Contently

If you’re a freelance journalist, it’s a good idea to use Contently to connect with content producers. This portfolio platform can be an absolute life saver if you have a ton of byline work because it can crawl and catalogue all the pieces you wrote for any publications that you list here. So, if you do a lot of high-volume work, Contently can be very useful.

Price: Free.

2. Pressfolios

A lot of portfolio websites are overly complicated and this drives users away. Not Pressfolios. It’s extremely user-friendly and it even comes with a Google Chrome extension with which you add your work from the source to your portfolio here with just one click. In addition, you also don’t have to worry about the original site going down at any point as Pressfolio automatically creates a PDF version and then saves it to the cloud.

Price: The basic version is free, but you can add only up to 12 stories. If you want more you’ll have to pay $12/month for the pro version.

3. Journo Portfolio

Journo Portfolio is great if you want something that’s easy to use in any way you need. Not only is it very easy to use the site’s dashboard and customize how your site will look, but you can also share your samples in a number of ways like uploading it as a PDF, video or image (just to name a few) or linking directly to a clip. Last, but not least, you can also use Journo Portfolio as a personal blog.

Price: name.journoportfolio.com URL is free. For pro versions that enable you to use your own name (www.yourname.com) you’ll have to pay from $3.50 to $8.75 per month.

4. Squarspace

Squarespace isn’t really a portfolio website for freelance writers per se, but if you use graphics or design in your work, you should check it out. It doesn’t offer as many templates as some other portfolio websites I’ve listed here, but all of them offer a top notch visual experience, so you won’t regret using any of them. Plus, the site has a fully responsive design, a must-have for those clients who are viewing your work on a tablet or phone.

Price: The basic version is $8 per month, while pro versions are $16 and $24 per month.

5. About.me

About.me is a great platform for freelancers to connect with new clients and expand their audience. The site serves more than being “just” a portfolio of your work. It also lets people find more about you. Signing up is very easy and you can do it with your email or via Facebook or Google. After you verify that you are not a bot, you start creating your profile on About.me by entering your name, photo, occupation and some interests. A nice part of this site is the “Spotlight”, where you can pick what you want people to see on your About.me page. For example, you can have them view your portfolio, visit your website, hire you, book a consultation, back your campaign and much more.

Price: The basic version is free, while a pro version costs $79 per year.

Have you tried any of these portfolio websites? What did you think about them? Are there any portfolio websites for freelancers that you think should I should have included? Let me know about them in the comments below.