5 Best Online Tools for Creating Great Infographics for Your Website

26/04/2017 9 comments

Infographics, or information graphics, are an excellent way to convey information on any topic in a quick and clear way. Using the power of a visual presentation, a good infographic can help your audience understand a certain topic, previously alien to them. No wonder why so many people will much more likely link or share a post containing an infographic than one that doesn’t.

But all that said doesn’t matter, because infographics are difficult to make, cost a lot of money, take time and you have to be a designer to make them, right?

No. In fact, today you can create your own infographics in just 15-30 minutes, thanks to some amazing online tools. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the 8 best online tools for creating infographics.

1. Visme

Visme infographic maker

Visme isn’t only a great tool for creating infographics, but you can also make other visual presentations with it such as web banners, charts, tables and short animations. This ability rightfully earned it the moniker: “The Swiss Knife of Visual Content”. You can start your design by using among the tons of different templates, or you could begin with a completely blank canvas. The choice is yours. From here, you get to choose from thousands of images, vector icons and other graphic assets you might want to use for your infographics. Once you select an asset, simply drag/drop it to your design area, add some text widgets and voila! See how making an infographic can get easy with the right tool? You can then share or publish your design online, embed it in your blog or website or download it as a HTML5, PDF or image.

But surely, the price for this is astronomical? No, actually it isn’t. Visme has a free version, and most of the features are also free. For some extra features, like premium widgets, templates, password protection and downloading designs offline, there’s a Standard version available at just $7/month and 250MB of available storage or Complete from $16/month and unlimited storage.

2. Canva

Canva is so easy to use that you’ll quickly fall in love with it. It makes designing not just infographics, but other types of visual presentations, such as flyers, brochures, business cards, ebook covers and so on a much more enjoyable experience. When it comes to infographics, Canva offers over 50 different templates for free and even more for just a dollar a piece. You can then change different elements, add new text, select a new color and so on, to fit your specific design needs.

One of the things you may not like about Canva is that, although there’s a free version, the amount of free images and other elements you can use is a bit limited. For most, you’ll have to pay $1 for each. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for these every time you use them, so this can drive up costs, especially since they won’t be covered by a monthly subscriptions of $9.95/month, paid annually. The paid version does, however, offer some extra features such as unlimited folders for your designs, unlimited storage, priority support and more.

3. Piktochart

One of the biggest problems with most infographic tools for someone who hasn’t designed  a thing in his life is where to begin. This is where Piktochart shines with its intuitive user interface. You start by selecting a template you want to use for your design. This can be infographics, presentations or printables. Piktochart has a huge library of more than 600 templates, so finding something for your needs should be easy. Next, you can edit fonts, add some new text, change colors and so on. Finally, when you’re satisfied with what you’ve got, you can download your design in JPG, PNG or PDF format or share it with others on social media or via email.

When it comes to the price, just like the other infographics tools here, Piktochart also comes in a free version, but if you want to use some of its more advanced features, there’s a Lite plan available for $15/month and a Pro plan for $29/month.

4. infogr.am

Admittedly,  infogr.am is a bit limited compared to other tools on this list, as you can only create infographics, charts and interactive maps with it. But, since we are talking about the best online tools for creating infographics here, I think we can let this slide. That said, what it does, it does perfectly, has a good library of design templates, 35+ charts, 500+ interactive maps, more than 500,000 icons and over 1 million quality stock images, so you should be all set when designing with infogr.am.

infogr.am also allows you to import data to a spreadsheet, cloud or directly in the editor or use its own API, as well as download infographics and charts in a PNG, GIF or PDF format.

The biggest downside is the price. With a Basic program, which comes for free, you can only upload 10 images and have a library of 10 items and 2 maps. The Pro version offers a library size of 100, 500+ maps, ability to upload 100 images, private sharing and a lot more for $19/month.

5. Easel.ly

Easel.ly is another tool that makes creating infographics exactly what it should be, and that is easy. Upon arriving on the home page, you can select from 1,000+ templates, or start with a black template. From there, you can change backgrounds, add some charts, shapes or text, upload an image from your computer, add stock photos from its library, or paste a YouTube video in your infographic.

Once you have what you need, you can click on the Preset button, where you can save, resize, download  your design as JPG or PDF, share via email, use a shareable link, embed it in your site or share with a group on social media. Getting started is free, but you only get 60 free images and 10 fonts, so if you’re going to use Easel.ly, definitely consider a Pro account, which for $3/month offers you 680,000 free images, more than 50 fonts, the ability to download in a higher resolution and, most importantly, more security.

Ready to create your own infographics? Which of these online tools would you use as a freelance blogger? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.